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Little Woods (2018)
Director: Nia DaCosta
Genres: Crime / Drama / Western / New Movies
For years, Ollie helped residents of her town in North Dakota illegally receive medical treatment in Canada.  When the girl begins to pursue the authorities, she expects to leave the business, but gets into even more trouble and desperately turns to...
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The Kid (2019)
Director: Vincent D'Onofrio
The story of a young boy (Jake Schur) who witnesses Billy the Kid's (Dane DeHaan) encounter with Sheriff Pat Garrett (Ethan Hawke)....
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Eminence Hill (2019)
Director: Robert Conway
Genres: Western / New Movies
My name is Robert Conway and I'm an independent filmmaker.  I've been making films professionally for fifteen years, and my work has been distributed all over the world.  Eminence Hill is an edgy Western in the tradition and style of Sergio Leone...
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West of Hell (2018)
Director: Michael Steves
Several people belonging to different social strata, having different values of life, are unwittingly hostages of a hopeless, monstrous situation, forcing to act together, forgetting about the manifold differences and possible mutual hostility....
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Gone Are the Days (2018)
Director: Mark Landre Gould
Genres: Western / New Movies
The protagonist of the picture has long been not young. From the old skills there is no trace, and now, learning that he does not live long, Taylon decides to catch up. In the years of his robbery, the young shooter had a relationship with a...
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The Sisters Brothers (2018)
Director: Jacques Audiard
Genres: Western / New Movies
Western is about two brothers-thugs, who get an unpretentious task - to deal with one thievish gold digger. Starting the path to the goal, generous to unexpected acquaintances and bloody skirmishes, the brothers finish it already by other people....
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Hostiles (2017)
Director: Scott Cooper
Genres: Adventure / Drama / Western
The enmity of death between the US Army and Indian tribes lasted several years: the white people were confident of absolute superiority and wanted as soon as possible to expel families in the area they lived for many years for these lands to build...
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Damsel (2018)
Genres: Comedy / Drama / Western / New Movies
19th century, wild west. A young traveler Samuel Alabaster goes looking for his beloved bride, Penelope, whom you have to take out of the hand of the villains, the kidnappers. But first of all, such a girl can stop for herself, and secondly, the...
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