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The Rake (2018)
Director: Tony Wash
Genres: Horror / Thriller / New Movies
Brother and sister, Ben and Ashley, reunited 20 years after the murder of their parents, who were brutally murdered by a psychopath, and then cut his throat. But living in a foster family, they still cannot recover from psychological trauma and...
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Black Wake (2018)
Director: Jeremiah Kipp
Once a group of scientists gathered in a research laboratory to find out the cause of the mysterious deaths. The main heroine of the Dark Awakening, Dr. Louise Moreira, together with her colleagues are investigating evidence from the scene of the...
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Along Came the Devil (2018)
Director: Jason DeVan
"Spell your name" - a new horror film from the American masters of the genre. The main heroine of this mystical story is a young girl named Ashley. Since childhood, the fate of the girls was not the best way. She suffered from terrible nightmares...
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The Last Man (2018)
Director: Rodrigo H. Vila
Genres: Drama / Thriller / New Movies
Young veteran Tov Matheson, who has not recovered from the horrors of the war, feels the near end of the world. After contacting the "Messiah" dub, he abandons his previous life, equips the underground bunker and engages in extreme training. People...
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I'll Be Watching (2018)
Director: Jodi Binstock
Once, in the simple and exchanged life of a woman named Kate, a naked secret admirer burst in, who began to leave roses with small drops of blood at her door, then she still could not imagine what all this could lead to. Even four policemen were not...
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2.0 (2018)
Director: S. Shankar
The world is threatened by a monstrous winged villain who has encroached on the most sacred thing that mankind has - mobile phones. Unscrupulous monster in the literal sense of the word subordinates itself to devices and creates from them a powerful...
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Killers Anonymous (2018)
Director: Martin Owen
The film enters “a world that exists beneath ours, beneath the day-to-day, the restraint and the order,” according to a statement. “For every life there is a death, and for every person there is an itch that only the few scratch; the dark voice that...
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The Grand Son (2018)
Director: Robert Logevall
Genres: Thriller / New Movies
The events of the thrilling American thriller "American Pets" (American Pets) begin with the fact that the rich brother lives with a very measured life with his sister Tod and Lani in the mansion of their wealthy grandmother Judy. Life without...
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What Still Remains (2018)
Director: Josh Mendoza
Genres: Drama / Thriller / New Movies
On Earth, a deadly virus swept through, which killed almost the entire population. The main heroine of "What else remains" has lost almost all of her family. She is a young girl who is forced to continue to live and hopes for the best. One day a...
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The Guardian Angel (2018)
Director: Arto Halonen
Genres: Thriller / New Movies
Thriller thriller "Guardian Angel" will take the viewer into the world of investigations, which have to deal with a police detective. There was a whole series of strange robberies of banks, so there is a suspicion that there is some kind of...
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