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Creed II (2018)
Director: Steven Caple Jr.
Genres: Drama / Sport / New Movies
Ring is the place that tests you for stamina. How far will you go today? Do you have enough strength? Victory or defeat? Adonis Creed strives to maintain a balance between personal problems, and training for one of the important fights in his life....
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Benchwarmers 2 (2019)
Genres: Comedy / Sport / New Movies
After an accident that leaves Ben impaired, he decides to join a competitive softball league for lawyers. Sequel to "The Benchwarmers"....
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'83 (2020)
Director: Kabir Khan
Genres: Drama / Sport / New Movies
This film tells the story of India's incredible 1983 cricket World Cup victory....
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The Footballest (2018)
Genres: Comedy / Sport / New Movies
Francisco and his closest friends play on a soccer team that has reached its lowest point. They've got to win one of the next three games to keep the school from cutting their team altogether. A series of strange events take place in the first two...
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Run the Race (2019)
Director: Chris Dowling
Genres: Drama / Sport / New Movies
Two brothers live their lives in a small American town, playing football from morning to evening. Their differences in the characters do not at all destroy, but only strengthen the fraternal bonds. Together they are ready to go through fire, water...
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Team Khan (2018)
The documentary "Team Khan Online" tells the story of the legendary British boxer Amir Khan. He was born in England, in a family of immigrants from Pakistan, and very early showed his abilities in the ring. Amir Khan won the first Olympic medal at...
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The Brawler (2019)
Director: Ken Kushner
With the help of many staff members and our hard working build team, we were able to accomplish the biggest update WarZ has ever seen. Though, controversial, WarZ's new Beta update had a rather successful launch. We'd like to thank the community for...
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The Last Race (2018)
Director: Michael Dweck
THE LAST RACE is a cinematic portrait of a Long Island stock car race track as its 87 year-old owners struggle to maintain an American racing tradition in the face of a real estate development boom. The film merges image and sound in a unique...
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Le grand bain (2018)
Director: Gilles Lellouche
Genres: Comedy / Drama / Sport / New Movies
Real men never give up, and if they decided to get carried away with something seriously, then nothing will stop them. Here and in France, the magnificent seven come together to escape from everyday adult life in a completely unexpected way. After...
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Warrior (2018)
Director: Shaad Ali
Genres: Biography / Sport / New Movies
The story of the famous Indian field hockey player Sandeep Singh. The budding young athlete got into a terrible situation - a stray bullet hit the guy, and he was wheelchair bound. But after that, he did not lose heart, was able to stand on his...
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