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The Brawler (2019)
Director: Ken Kushner
With the help of many staff members and our hard working build team, we were able to accomplish the biggest update WarZ has ever seen. Though, controversial, WarZ's new Beta update had a rather successful launch. We'd like to thank the community for...
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The Mermaid: Lake of the Dead (2018)
Genres: Horror / Romance / New Movies
"Rusalka: Ozero myortvykh”is already available for free online viewing in HD 720 quality. Legends of mysterious mermaids go to Russia for a long time. However, almost no one knows that in reality they leave the underwater kingdom and come ashore,...
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Alita: Battle Angel (2018)
Director: Robert Rodriguez
The fantastic drama "Alita: Battle Angel" will lead viewers to the distant future, namely in the twenty-sixth century. The biggest bloody war ended three hundred years ago, and left behind a lot of irreparable changes. The society was divided into...
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What Men Want (2019)
Director: Adam Shankman
Ali Davis is a successful manager of sports stars, whose career advancement is constantly hampered by male colleagues. Having received the opportunity to hear the thoughts of men, she uses her talent to change the rules of the game and contract with...
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Cold War (2018)
Director: Pawel Pawlikowski
Genres: Drama / Romance / New Movies
The story of doomed love, which is developing in the 1950s amid the cold war in Poland, Germany, Yugoslavia and France. Impossible romance is tied between the pianist of the Polish folk group Victor and the young dancer Zula, who has to choose...
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Second Act (2018)
Director: Peter Segal
Genres: Comedy / Romance / New Movies
An employee of the Maya chain of stores in New York can not boast a prestigious diploma but is distinguished by the mundane spirit. She has the chance to build her career and compete with the owners of luxury boutiques on Madison Avenue....
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Shéhérazade (2018)
17-year-old Zachary is released from prison. He is rejected by his mother, so the guy has to survive on the streets of Marseille himself. But suddenly he meets Scheherazade, who changes his life forever....
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The Souvenir (2019)
Director: Joanna Hogg
A film school student establishes the first serious relationship with a man whose behavior causes many questions and little confidence. She tries to unravel his mystery, separating the truth from the fiction....
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Koi wa ameagari no yô ni (2018)
Director: Akira Nagai
Genres: Drama / Romance / New Movies
Akira Tatibana used to be a high-hop athlete. However, the injury put an end to her career in athletics, which barely had time to start. Now 17-year-old Akira is a regular high school student who works in a family restaurant and falls in love with...
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Pyaar Prema Kaadhal (2018)
Director: Elan
Genres: Romance / New Movies
Sree seeks the help of the local tailor Thangaraj and his colleague Satish and attempts to reconcile with Sindhu. He joins the dance classes conducted by Sindhu's father and eventually they patch up. As per Sindhu's wish they decide to begin a live...
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