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The Last Man (2018)
Director: Rodrigo H. Vila
Genres: Drama / Thriller / New Movies
Young veteran Tov Matheson, who has not recovered from the horrors of the war, feels the near end of the world. After contacting the "Messiah" dub, he abandons his previous life, equips the underground bunker and engages in extreme training. People...
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In the Aisles (2018)
Director: Thomas Stuber
Genres: Drama / New Movies
Being in search of work, a guy named Christian faces a rather tempting offer. The protagonist of the film "Between the rows" is going to get a loader to a wholesale warehouse, where a large abundance of various products, as well as household...
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Old Boys (2018)
Director: Toby MacDonald
Genres: Comedy / New Movies
The English boarding school Caldermount has a motto: "Only the best will survive." This means that one of the students named Amberson is at the bottom of the social ladder of this institution, because he is not an athlete, not handsome, and his only...
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To Each, Her Own (2018)
Director: Myriam Aziza
Genres: Comedy / New Movies
Simone is a young woman who lives in France and has a Jewish background. She was brought up in a very religious family, with a strict observance of the long traditions that existed among the descendants of the Jews for many generations. Parents from...
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Blackbird (2018)
Director: Michael Flatley
Genres: Romance / New Movies
Events take their origin on board the aircraft, which as usual went to the next flight. When taking off, the weather was just fine, but it was worth flying some of the way, as the strongest storm began. The pilots tried to get out of the danger...
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Manmarziyaan (2018)
Director: Anurag Kashyap
Genres: Romance / New Movies
In the center of the plot is a young girl, a police detective named Kate Fuller. Kate is not very fond of her bosses, and very often the girl is assigned to the most complicated and confusing business. Once again, it is appointed for a not very...
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The Witch in the Window (2018)
Director: Andy Mitton
Genres: Drama / Horror / New Movies
Simon, with his 12-year-old son, comes to rural Vermont to help rebuild the old house. There they encounter the evil spirit of the former owner of the house. The further the repair progresses, the stronger the evil ghost becomes....
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Did I Kill My Mother? (2018)
Director: David Bush
Genres: Mystery / New Movies
The heroine of the movie "Did I Kill My Mother?? online "is suspected of a terrible crime - the murder of his mother, and possibly his father ... The father was killed a year ago under unclear circumstances, the police never found the killers. And...
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Hadi Be Oglum (2018)
Director: Bora Egemen
Genres: Drama / New Movies
Throughout his conscious life, Ali could not forget the dreams of a peaceful family life. He lives with these thoughts. The protagonist of the Turkish film Come on, Son / Hadi Be Oglum does not imagine himself without dating girls, confessions of...
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Empowered (2018)
Director: Santiago Segura
Genres: Comedy / New Movies
The trouble fell on Zavyalov unexpectedly - the young girl was betrayed by beloved Pavel, announcing the engagement with the daughter of a wealthy patron. In addition to betrayal, the former bridegroom led off an interesting construction project,...
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