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Killers Anonymous (2018)
Director: Martin Owen
The film enters “a world that exists beneath ours, beneath the day-to-day, the restraint and the order,” according to a statement. “For every life there is a death, and for every person there is an itch that only the few scratch; the dark voice that...
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Pokemon: Detective Pikachu (2019)
Director: Rob Letterman
To go to the cinema you did not disappoint, we offer to watch the full cartoon Pokemon 2019 for free in good quality 720 hd. The main character of the film is a yellow pokemon named Pikachu. Unlike representatives of its kind, it does not have super...
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Glass (2019)
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Crossing two movie hits M. Knight Shyamalana "Split" and "Invulnerable" about mentally ill criminals who are particularly dangerous. The kidnapper with multiple personality disorder and the disabling terrorist Mr. Glass come to their old opponents -...
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Lizzie (2018)
On August 4, 1892, the Borden family estate was pierced with shrill cries. The maid found the head of the family and his wife in pools of blood. Someone struck dozens of axes with both. Traces of robbery were not found, and the main suspect was...
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The Nun (2018)
Director: Corin Hardy
The film takes place in 1952. In a solitary monastery in Romania, a young nun commits suicide and a priest of Father Burke is sent to investigate this tragic incident from the Vatican, whose past is covered with a mysterious fog. Together with him...
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Madeline's Madeline (2018)
Director: Josephine Decker
Madeline (newcomer Helena Howard) has become an integral part of a prestigious physical theater troupe. When the workshop's ambitious director (Molly Parker) pushes the teenager to weave her rich interior world and troubled history with her mother...
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Papillon (2017)
Director: Michael Noer
Genres: Crime / Drama / Mystery / New Movies
Henry is an experienced crackers safe. He came across different types of work and can be proud of the fact that he always achieved the goal. The nickname of the Moth was not cheap to him. The thing is that on the chest the guy has a huge tattoo with...
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The Little Stranger (2018)
Director: Lenny Abrahamson
Dr. Faraday, the son of a maid, leads a quiet respectable life of a village doctor. Somehow in the hot summer of 1947, he was summoned to the patient at Handred's Hall, where his mother once worked. This manor has been the home of the Ayres family...
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Detective Chinatown 2 (2018)
Director: Sicheng Chen
Genres: Action / Comedy / Mystery
Sometimes the person's dream is so sincere that it is surely fulfilled. That's the main character of this comic thriller - Qing Feng - really wanted to go to the police academy. But he was always in bad luck, and he failed the entrance exams. After...
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You Shall Not Sleep (2018)
Director: Gustavo Hernández
Buenos Aires, our days. Bianca Aguilar is a rising star of the Argentine scene. Her main passion is the psychological theater. After successful work in the ancient Greek tragedy "Antigone" she gets an offer from Alma Behm - a famous...
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