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Overlord (2018)
Director: Julius Avery
Fascist Germany continued its offensive. Most of Europe has been defeated and only a few countries have tried to oppose a powerful enemy, which has not been possible to overcome in preparation for war or armament. After lengthy negotiations, a...
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Glass (2019)
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Crossing two movie hits M. Knight Shyamalana "Split" and "Invulnerable" about mentally ill criminals who are particularly dangerous. The kidnapper with multiple personality disorder and the disabling terrorist Mr. Glass come to their old opponents -...
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Between Worlds (2018)
Director: Maria Pulera
The driver of Joe experiences a double loss - his wife Mary died, and her daughter Billy fell into a coma. To return the girl to life, the unhappy father turns to the medium. However, during the spiritual ritual, Billy's body captures the spirit of...
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The Souvenir (2019)
Director: Joanna Hogg
A film school student establishes the first serious relationship with a man whose behavior causes many questions and little confidence. She tries to unravel his mystery, separating the truth from the fiction....
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The Clovehitch Killer (2018)
Director: Duncan Skiles
Genres: Drama / Horror / Mystery / New Movies
A few years ago, a small religious town was shocked by a series of murders of women. The maniac for 10 years did not make itself felt, he was never caught, and now the community spends every year a day to commemorate the victims of the murderer....
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Rootwood (2018)
Director: Marcel Walz
A company of students hires a film producer from Hollywood - Laura Banotte - to shoot a documentary about the sinister, damned outskirts and local horrible legends, after which become famous. But something goes wrong and the evil itself begins to...
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Laplace's Witch (2018)
Director: Takashi Miike
In 2018, two people in different parts of Japan die during a visit to hot springs from hydrogen sulfide poisoning. Not sure whether this is a murder or an accident, the police are involved in the investigation of the famous biochemist Syusuke Aoe....
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Love at Sea (2018)
Director: Mel Damski
Genres: Mystery / New Movies
Olivia is the rich daughter of a hotel chain owner. After the death of her father, intending to lead the entire business, the girl makes a mistake, appointing her boyfriend as the chief assistant, and loses her job. A year later, after recovering...
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Journal 64 (2018)
Director: Christoffer Boe
The plot of “Journal 64” will tell about the difficult, complex work of employees of a little-known police department, having the code designation “Q”, located in the suburb of Copenhagen. A member of the unit carries out his professional work, he...
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Stillwater (2018)
Director: Nino Aldi
Six school friends decide to meet an old company and spend a weekend by the lake. The meeting takes an unexpected turn when one of the friends is found dead. Now we need to find out who and why could do it, but one thing is for sure: a murderer...
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