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Fisherman's Friends (2019)
Director: Chris Foggin
Genres: Comedy / Drama / Music / New Movies
Fisherman’s Friends are a shanty group based in North Cornwall. Their performances combine traditional songs of the sea with more contemporary folk music and a large dash of humour. The members are: John & Jeremy Brown (brothers), John...
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Gully Boy (2019)
Director: Zoya Akhtar
Genres: Drama / Music / Romance / New Movies
Gully Boy is an upcoming Indian Hindi-language musical film. It stars Ranveer Singh and Alia Bhatt The film is about a 22 year old Muslim kid from a ghetto in Bombay. The boy is a rapper, and the story is his journey from realising his love for rap,...
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The Dirt (2019)
Director: Jeff Tremaine
Genres: Music / New Movies
The picture is based on the autobiography of the glam metal band Mötley Crüe, written by its participants and telling about the flourishing of their work. The Mötley Crüe albums have sold more than a hundred million copies, and their ascent history...
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Unlovable (2018)
Director: Suzi Yoonessi
Genres: Comedy / Drama / Music / New Movies
After a suicide attempt, sex and love addict Joy (Charlene deGuzman) attends a 12-step meeting and gains a sponsor. Whilst initially struggling to remain clean for 30 days, she meets a socially inept musician named Jim (John Hawkes), and together...
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Gundermann (2018)
Director: Andreas Dresen
1992: A few years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, Gerhard Gundermann (Alexander Scheer) is still working in open-cast mining in Hoyerswerda. The mid-thirties want to start a new band and go on tour. His texts about "simple" people, exploitation...
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Days of Power (2018)
Director: Jason Pagnoni
Genres: Action / Drama / Music / New Movies
In his 2010 world tour, the pop star and band mates mysteriously disappear. While everyone is looking for them, the group has to fight their lives - they accidentally uncover the criminal kidnapping industry organized by a crazy little family....
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Aladdin (2019)
Director: Guy Ritchie
A young thief named Aladdin wants to become a prince to marry Princess Jasmine. Meanwhile, the vizier Agraby Jafar intends to seize power over Agraba, and for this he seeks to get a magic lamp stored in a cave of miracles, access to which is allowed...
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Vox Lux (2018)
Director: Brady Corbet
Genres: Drama / Music
In the late 1990s, a studious student with music abilities Celeste miraculously survives a tragedy when her classmate is shooting at a school. Twenty years later, Celeste is a worldwide popular singer who owes her scandalous success to incurable...
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High Voltage (2018)
Director: Alex Keledjian
Genres: Horror / Music / Sci-Fi
The story of the American action-packed horror film “High Voltage” (Hollow Body) unfolds around a man named Jimmy, who has been playing music for many years. Over the years he managed to go through a lot. He was accompanied by both successes and...
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The After Party (2018)
Director: Ian Edelman
Genres: Comedy / Music / New Movies
A young rapper wants to become famous. And he suddenly becomes popular on the Internet, not only because of his music, but because of a small incident. But his best friend has a plan to save the future. First you need to sneak into the biggest party...
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