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Mary Poppins Returns (2018)
Director: Rob Marshall
Continuing the 1964 famous music of the world's most fabulous bona fide. Mary Poppins returns after 20 years - already in a completely different era. Her ex-student, brother and sister Banksy, grew up and faced with adult problems - debt, poverty,...
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Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (2018)
Continuing the cartoon drawing of 2012 about the computer game hero, the disillusioned "character" -gromil Ralfe, who, tired of his tremendous role, goes to exploit other games. Six years later, Ralph, in the company of a little boyfriend,...
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Charlie's Angels (2019)
Director: Elizabeth Banks
Three beauties "Angels of Charlie", very dangerous comely person, able to perform the most difficult task of the boss.  These charming persons finished their studies at the police academy, but chose to work for a mysterious but very influential...
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Maleficent: Mistress of Evil (2019)
Director: Joachim Rønning
Young sorceress Maleficent led a solitary life in an enchanted forest, surrounded by fabulous creatures, but one day everything changed ... People who brought destruction and chaos invaded her world, and Maleficent had to defend her subjects,...
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Yesterday (2019)
Director: Danny Boyle
Genres: Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / New Movies
The plot is dedicated to the history of the loser musician Jack Malik, who lives in the English heartland.  Despite the support of his best friend Ellie, the guy decides to stop dreaming of fame and abandon his favorite work.  However, the next...
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Stray (2019)
Director: Joe Sill
In the cold and deserted New Zealand foothills, on the very edge of the world there are two. He is a former prisoner who has just served a murder attempt. She is a patient in a psychiatric clinic. This chance meeting becomes a chance for them to...
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Little (2019)
Director: Tina Gordon
Genres: Comedy / Fantasy / New Movies
The main character, the boss of the company, once wakes up as a child. Begin fun and jokes, because the heroine must crank up an important deal....
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Rotterdam, I Love You (2019)
Genres: Comedy / Drama / Fantasy / New Movies
Movie plot is several love stories set in one of the most interesting new cities in the world, Rotterdam....
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White Snake (2019)
Director: Amp Wong
Stars:Zhe Zhang
Legends say that all sorts of demons used to live alongside people. These creatures could take human form. Millennial White Snake came to the aid of Xu Xiang. A young herbalist-herbalist became so interested in collecting medicinal plants that he...
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All You Ever Wished For (2019)
Director: Barry Morrow
Genres: Fantasy / Romance / New Movies
A young New York fashion executive's trip to Milan takes a bad turn when he is kidnapped and whisked off to an Alpine village to be held for ransom money. Little does he (or his three abductors) know that the small, rustic cottage they end up...
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