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Aquarela (2018)
Director: Viktor Kossakovsky
Conceptual work of Viktor Kosakovsky, which explores the water in a variety of its manifestations.  Aquarelle is a unique film shot at 96 frames per second.  Thanks to ultra-high definition images, water on the screen is perceived as a work of art....
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David Crosby: Remember My Name (2019)
Director: A.J. Eaton
A look back at singer David Crosby, one of the founders of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young. Addicted to drugs, he survived two heart attacks and had to have a liver transplant. At over seventy-five, he continues to perform on stage to perform his...
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Maiden (2018)
Director: Alex Holmes
China and Japan in the days of the samurai were rivals.  Each of the countries did not want to retreat on the question of land ownership.  Therefore, there were constant wars that prevented civilians from living in peace.  During the Ming Dynasty,...
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The Silence of Others (2018)
The film is about the epic struggle of the victims of the dictatorship of General Franco, who to this day continue to seek justice.  The film was filmed for six years and traces the fates of the victims and survivors who are organizing the Argentine...
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Meeting Gorbachev (2018)
The famous cinematographer asks the last Secretary General of the CPSU Central Committee and the only president of the USSR about his most important, in the interviewer's opinion, achievements: ending the cold war, ending Soviet control of Eastern...
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Amazing Grace (2018)
William Wilberforce is a troublemaker politician, known for his charisma, intelligence and zeal.  Unlike most of his colleagues, already at the beginning of his career, he was recognized as a very honest and courageous man.  The fateful meeting with...
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Screwball (2018)
Director: Billy Corben
The documentary film genre was filmed in the USA in 2018, with the support of Rakontur, directing: Billy Corben.  Duration of the movie 1h.  45min  Producing: Alfred Spellman, David Cypkin, Billy Corben...
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Ferrante Fever (2017)
Director: Giacomo Durzi
The Italian documentary “Ferrante Fever” explores the phenomenon of writer Helena Ferrante, the author of the Neapolitan Quartet, which has become a cult in the last couple of years.  The reason for the phenomenon is discussed by fans: Hilary...
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Apollo 11 (2019)
Fate loves the brave souls, and Neil Armstrong clearly belongs to their number. The whole world knows his name, but very few people know at what cost the astronaut was given a small step, which became a huge leap for all of humanity....
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Prosecuting Evil (2018)
Director: Barry Avrich
The documentary tells the story of Benjamin Ferenc, the last Nuremberg prosecutor who lived to this day....
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