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Eating Animals (2017)
Genres: Documentary
An examination of our dietary choices and the food we put in our bodies. Based on Jonathan Safran Foer's memoir....
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Penguins (2019)
The inquisitive fourth-grader of Aoyama keeps a diary, where he writes all his discoveries and experiments. One day penguins appear inexplicably in his hometown far from the sea coast. And on the outskirts of the city there is a certain unearthly...
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The Biggest Little Farm (2018)
Director: John Chester
Stars:John Chester
A testament to the immense complexity of nature, The Biggest Little Farm follows two dreamers and a dog on an odyssey to bring harmony to both their lives and the land....
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They Shall Not Grow Old (2018)
Director: Peter Jackson
They were soldiers. And young. They were unlucky: their best years were devoured by the First World War - the first global catastrophe of the twentieth century, which the Western historians called the Great War. But their faces and smiles remained...
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Divide and Conquer: The Story of Roger Ailes (2018)
Director: Alexis Bloom
A documentary about the rise and fall of media mogul Roger Ailes, ranging from influencing President Nixon’s rule and ending with controversial guidance on Fox News....
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Bathtubs Over Broadway (2018)
Director: Dava Whisenant
When he started as a comedy writer for the LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN, Steve Young had few interests outside of his day job. But while gathering material for a segment on the show, Steve stumbled onto a few vintage record albums that would...
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The World Before Your Feet (2018)
Director: Jeremy Workman
Stars:Matt Green
For six years, 37-year-old Matt Green walks daily in New York. During this time, he traveled more than eight thousand miles, every day discovering something new and amazing in his beloved city....
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Team Khan (2018)
The documentary "Team Khan Online" tells the story of the legendary British boxer Amir Khan. He was born in England, in a family of immigrants from Pakistan, and very early showed his abilities in the ring. Amir Khan won the first Olympic medal at...
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In Search of Greatness (2018)
Director: Gabe Polsky
IN SEARCH OF GREATNESS is a groundbreaking feature documentary revealing the true nature and nurture of the greatest athletes of all time. Through a series of intimate conversations and captivating footage, Director Gabe Polsky leads viewers on an...
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Searching for Ingmar Bergman (2018)
On the 100th anniversary of his birth, internationally renowned director Margarethe von Trotta examines Ingmar Bergman's life and work with a circle of his closest collaborators as well as a new generation of filmmakers. This documentary presents...
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