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The Brawler (2019)
Director: Ken Kushner
With the help of many staff members and our hard working build team, we were able to accomplish the biggest update WarZ has ever seen. Though, controversial, WarZ's new Beta update had a rather successful launch. We'd like to thank the community for...
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Line of Descent (2019)
Director: Rohit Karn Batra
Genres: Crime / New Movies
The story revolves in the backdrop of Delhi where a dysfunctional, mafia family is at war with each other as an undercover officer fights his demons by assisting in their downfall....
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Widows (2018)
Director: Steve McQueen
Genres: Crime / Drama / Thriller / New Movies
Three male robbers die during the execution of another robbery. Three women who have become widows overnight, decide to continue the work of their beloved husbands by all means. First, women are going to complete the unfinished robbery, and then...
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Joel (2018)
Director: John R. Hand
Serial killers have not disappeared anywhere, just their methods have changed a little, even than during the seventies of the last century. Now you can use the latest devices to constantly be above suspicion, continuing to do their vile affairs in...
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Grace (2018)
Director: Devin Adair
Genres: Comedy / Crime / Romance / New Movies
On the territory of the Hawaiian Islands will unfold this difficult story. The focus will be the guy. His parents are dead. As an orphan, he took refuge with a doctor who lives in a village in Hawaii. He has a feature - he skillfully runs like the...
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Vault (2018)
Director: Tom DeNucci
Genres: Crime / New Movies
The events of the film unfold after the two sisters become aware that their brother was in serious trouble. He owed a large amount to criminal bosses and now has to return the money or kill him. Realizing that no one else can help the unfortunate,...
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Asphaltgorillas (2018)
Director: Detlev Buck
Genres: Action / Comedy / Crime / New Movies
Atris is fed up with being the puppet of her boss. He wants to earn money in order not to depend on the leader of the gangsters El Keitar anymore. When his friend Frank offers a profitable deal for him, Atris immediately agrees, completely unaware...
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Pickings (2018)
Director: Usher Morgan
Genres: Action / Crime / Drama / New Movies
The average Southerner named Joe, along with his charming daughter Scarlett, own a small bar. The main heroine of the "Pikeings" has a very harsh character and can drive away any objectionable visitor no worse than a formidable bouncers. She has a...
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Crossroads: One Two Jaga (2018)
Director: Namron
Genres: Crime / Drama / New Movies
L'immigrato indonesiano Sugiman ha una sorella, Sumiati, che è scappata dal suo lavoro e vuole tornare in Indonesia. Sugiman scopre che può farla imbarcare illegalmente. Nel frattempo, deve tenerla lontana dalla polizia, perciò la nasconde in un...
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Friday's Child (2018)
Director: A.J. Edwards
Genres: Crime / Drama / New Movies
The main character turns eighteen. But unlike those who leave the family and plunge into a new life somewhere in college, Richie grew up in the system of foster care and care. And now he will have to enter adult life with the whole set of adult...
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