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Master Z: Ip Man Legacy (2018)
Director: Woo-Ping Yuen
Genres: Action / New Movies
After the defeat of Yip Man, Chun T'in-Chi decides to improve and lead a quiet peaceful life, but evil itself is in trouble....
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The Marine 6: Close Quarters (2018)
Director: James Nunn
Genres: Action / Drama / New Movies
Jake Carter has to work in a team with the Marine Luke Trapper to try to save a girl who has been abducted by international criminals....
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I Am Vengeance (2018)
Director: Ross Boyask
Genres: Action / New Movies
Once a soldier, and now a mercenary John Gold learns about the death of a comrade and trying to figure out what happened. The hero establishes that the murder was part of a large conspiracy, and now he will need to eliminate the perpetrators one by...
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Lake Placid: Legacy (2018)
Director: Darrell Roodt
Genres: Action / Horror / Sci-Fi / New Movies
A group of young researchers discovers a secret area that is not marked on the maps. Curiosity is stronger than the instinct of self-preservation, and the company makes its way to a lake surrounded by an electric fence. Near the lake is an abandoned...
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Abduction (2018)
Director: Ernie Barbarash
Genres: Action / New Movies
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Bhavesh Joshi Superhero (2018)
Genres: Action / Drama / New Movies
Indian film "Bhavesh Joshi Superhero" is a kind of action movie about a restless boy who fights against evil. Bhavesh is sure that justice must triumph, and evil must be punished and defeated. Our hero is obsessed, helping the weak and offended...
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2.0 (2018)
Director: S. Shankar
The world is threatened by a monstrous winged villain who has encroached on the most sacred thing that mankind has - mobile phones. Unscrupulous monster in the literal sense of the word subordinates itself to devices and creates from them a powerful...
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Killers Anonymous (2018)
Director: Martin Owen
The film enters “a world that exists beneath ours, beneath the day-to-day, the restraint and the order,” according to a statement. “For every life there is a death, and for every person there is an itch that only the few scratch; the dark voice that...
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Believer (2018)
Director: Hae-yeong Lee
Genres: Action / Crime / New Movies
Favorite cult group Dan Reynolds turns out to be an ardent defender of the rights of this part of his compatriots. As a child, he is educated in the Mormon community and is well acquainted with this trend. As a teenager, a rock musician suffers from...
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Enter The Fat Dragon (2018)
Genres: Action / Comedy / New Movies
And Lung is a simple guy working at a pig farm and constantly practicing martial arts to be like his idol - Bruce Lee. When his uncle (owner of a snack bar) needed help, he was sent to a big city to help. When arriving in the city, A Lung realizes...
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