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At the dawn of ages, the Mother Goddess gave birth to several Gods, and her firstborn, Hustad, was the most beloved. He decided that all the gold of the world should belong to him, for which he was defeated by other Gods and almost destroyed, but the Mother Goddess saved him and placed him in her womb. Since then, people have forgotten the fallen God, did not put altars to him and did not offer prayers. India, the beginning of the 20th century. Not far from the mossy village of Tumbad there lives the bastard son of a local lord named Vinayak. In their house, the cursed great-grandmother-witch is sleeping, which Vinayaka's mother must feed so that she does not wake up and eat the children, rumors also circulate that untold riches are stored somewhere in this area ...

Tumbbad (2018)
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Tumbbad online

Year: 2018
Country: India, Sweden
Time:1h 44min
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