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After a wild storm is raging on the sea, the fishermen’s team decides to stop at an unfamiliar island. No one wants to die during a storm, so it is better to wait out bad weather, anchored. At the same time, you can warm up by the fire, since it can still be diluted despite the strong wind.
But on the island they are not alone. Strange, but on an abandoned piece of land creates a steady sense of the presence of people. Trampled gravel paths. Traces of tires, and old buildings. Yes, and something that begins to kill the fishermen, eating them like bars of meat. What to do and how to deal with a demon?

The Island (2018)
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Original title:The Island
Year: 2018
Country: China
Genres: Comedy / Drama / New Movies
Time:2h 14min
Director:Bo Huang
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