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In July 2011, two tragedies shook the world in Norway. They happened on the same day - July 22. The terrorist act in Oslo at 15:25:22 (local time), and after 1.5 hours, at about 17:00, a massacre began on the island of Uteya, where the terrorist got first by car and then by ferry. He was wearing a police uniform and, after presenting a fake ID, said that he was sent to a youth summer camp for instruction in connection with the Oslo terrorist attack. At 17:22, when dozens of young people gathered around him, he opened aimed shooting. Seventy-three minutes continued fire on defenseless people. At 18:35, the terrorist surrendered to the policemen who arrived on the island from the counter terrorist unit Beredskapstroppen. This man turned out to be Anders Behring Breivik.

22 July (2018)
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Original title:22 July
Year: 2018
Country: Norway, Iceland, USA
Genres: Crime / Drama / History / New Movies
Time:2h 23min
Director:Paul Greengrass
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