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Indie horror “Farm” (2018) has the most clear and simple name you can imagine. After all, people only associate the farm with a very nice place where hard-working farmers plant livestock, cultivate fields, fight for milk production and harvest. Although, since we are talking about a horror movie, the location looks outwardly ordinary, but far from prying eyes all sorts of devilry are going on here, and the horror is just not real. It is clear from the very beginning that it is better not to break into such a farm at all, but if the heroes had listened to the warnings, then there would have been no film!

So, the talk in this horror will be about a certain farm, where just to get, but it is very difficult to get out. Already from the video it becomes clear that the events will unfold before the audience, largely repeating the plot of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. The same depth, lost somewhere between the US states, and the actors casually come here. After this, terrible violence begins, old and good. Farm 2018 you can watch online in our cinema after the premiere.

And all the villains are animal masks, and do not want to show their face. Under the distribution of butchers gets one young couple, who decided to eat in a cafe, standing on the road. The snack bar is the starting point of their misadventures, and from here they get to the farm, where they become animals in cages. Therefore, weaving meat, it’s time to turn into meat. Here such future can wait for the unfortunate if they do not think up a way to be released from captivity.

The Farm (2018)
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The Farm online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Horror / New Movies
Time:1h 20min
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