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Evushka, a student in college, is experiencing specific monetary difficulties, since without the help of others he pays expensive tuition. With great difficulty, she gets to pay with regular bills. During the summer holidays, she decides to find a temporary part-time job, trying to compensate for the training expenses incurred during the year. She manages to find a place where they promise a good payment for the services of a nurse, in the capacity of which she is hired for the terms specified by the employer at the home of a wealthy entrepreneur. The student is very pleased with the luck that has turned up, which has provided an opportunity, without any special effort, to earn a considerable amount of money by performing simple duties that give even some pleasure from staying among pleasant, hospitable people in a cozy home.

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Nanny Killer (2018)
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Original title:

Nanny Killer online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Thriller / New Movies
Time:1h 30min
Director:Jeff Hare
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