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The plot of “Journal 64” will tell about the difficult, complex work of employees of a little-known police department, having the code designation “Q”, located in the suburb of Copenhagen. A member of the unit carries out his professional work, he is an excellent, highly experienced detective, always responsibly suited to the execution of the instructions entrusted by the boss, trying to strictly adhere to the statutory provisions of the law. For a long service, the hero was repeatedly involved in responsible tasks, thanks to his experience, he managed hot, sometimes hidden tracks, to go on the trail of criminals, without fail, inappropriate delays, passing the intruders to justice. Karl, never once allowed himself to make a mistake, the management knows whom to entrust to anyone, the most complicated investigation, without any doubt, the subsequent results of the investigation will be brilliant. The appearance of a new employee, who soon became the immediate partner of the character, allowed men to quickly find a common language, to make friends, increasing the detection rate.

Once, the partners get a rather nontrivial, creepy order to find out the motives of incomprehensible deaths. In one of the inconspicuous houses find the mummified bodies of people sitting at a huge table. Only one place was empty. Soon, the detectives find a secret clinic in a small island, where inhuman experiments are conducted on unhappy patients. It remains, by unknown means, to penetrate under the canopy of a closed institution, attempting to carry out a detailed, thorough inspection on the spot.

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Journal 64 (2018)
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Original title:

Journal 64 online

Year: 2018
Country: Denmark, Germany
Time:1h 59min
Director:Christoffer Boe
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