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Angel Deverell is a young teenage girl who was born and raised in a poor family. The girl's father many years ago is dying due to strange circumstances. Mother, meanwhile, is the owner of a small institution. On its roof, women arranged housing for themselves. The girl herself all this time dreamed of a beautiful future, besides often forgotten in their own dreams. Most of all she dreamed of how to get rich and will live in a large mansion. Nobody took the similar statements of the girl seriously, even her own mother did not believe her. Every time she called the girl as soon as possible to be on the ground and understand that the reality is not like that. But some time passes, Angel decides to write the first novel. After the book was ready, it sends it to the publisher. She wants her book to be printed without editing. And now, after a few weeks, her work becomes a real masterpiece that brings great fame and incredible wealth. After the next premiere of the play, which was staged according to her book, the girl gets acquainted with a local artist named Esmi, who after a while becomes her husband and gives a lot of happiness. But this happiness does not last long.

The Angel (2018)
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Original title:

The Angel online

Year: 2018
Country: Israel, USA
Genres: Drama / Thriller / New Movies
Time:1h 54min
Director:Ariel Vromen
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