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"A Prayer Before Dawn" is a story about love, revenge and survival in the harshest conditions. The film tells about the real life of Billy Moore. Billy was in one of the most brutal and strict Thai prison. Every day someone strives to hit in the back, throw out bile or kill to show their own superiority. In prison, if you are weak and weak, you will not live long. To survive, you need to be able to intimidate the rest of the prisoners, otherwise dipping your head in the toilet can still seem like flowers. Billy, in order to survive, studied the art of Muay Thai every day. It was this that helped him survive, and later he wrote a book about his life in the street.

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A Prayer Before Dawn (2017)
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Original title:

A Prayer Before Dawn online

Year: 2017
Country: France, UK, Cambodia, USA, China
Genres: Action / Biography / Crime / Drama / Sport
Time:1h 56min
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