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Amazing, hidden from the present, an incredible story of heroic guys who are directly involved in aerial combat clashes over Britain, the composition of a little-known group of Polish pilots called "Squadron 303". The young guys got the unenviable fate, having lost their native country, under the yoke of the confrontation of two powerful superpowers, on the eve of World War II, divided the once free, independent Poland into two parts. The brave men, not seeing the opportunity to meet the enemy with dignity, decide to leave the destroyed country, seeking salvation and support in other territories, hoping to return to their native lands soon as winners. However, the guys had to go through a lot, experiencing unimaginable deprivations, grandiose rage, great bitterness from the realization of the futility of direct resistance, cruel, cold-blooded enemies. Although many remained under the heel of the invaders, resigned to the status quo, there were those who, having left their homeland, remained loyal to the ideals and unshakable love of the motherland, believing the inevitability of retribution for their delusion.

The plot takes to the most tragic times when a group of pilots, after short courses and superficial development, control of combat aircraft, rises into the sky over England, defending a foreign country. Grandiose battles with the superior forces of the German armadas, unparalleled courage, of individual personalities, with each enemy bomber brought down, brought an instant of long-awaited victory closer.

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Squadron 303 (2018)
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Original title:

Dywizjon 303 online

Year: 2018
Country: Poland, UK
Genres: Drama / War / New Movies
Time:1h 44min
Director:Denis Delic
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