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The main character "Monster", the famous director of world renown, of Indian origin, deals exclusively with documentary works, trying to bring up in his work a topic on the historical, ethnic realities of the past. His indefatigable life is filled with constant, long-term business trips, long journeys, where without embellishment recreates the true world of ancient civilizations and peoples. It so happened that he had to leave his native lands, heading into the little-studied, sparsely populated areas of the country, immersed in the virgin expanses of the beautiful jungle. According to available information, among the impassable jungles of forests there is a small tribe of aborigines, simple life and ancient customs of renegades, is of truly great interest for world civilization. Considering that this people, has managed for thousands of years to preserve an independent culture, traditions, authenticity. After a brief gathering, the hero with a company of like-minded people, as it turned out later, disappeared forever under the canopy of endless expanses.

When any time has expired, and not a single news from a person has appeared, a loving family falls into a terrible panic. Without counting on significant assistance and support from the government, the selfless wife decides to do independent research. Grabbing a young daughter, the woman follows the known route of the disappeared film crew. Soon, the girl begins to secretly sense the alien, evil presence of an uncharted creature, warns the mother of imminent danger. With each step, an eerie fear increasingly shackles the souls of weak, unprepared rescuers.

Monster (2018)
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Original title:

Monster online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Drama / New Movies
Time:1h 31min
Director:Anthony Mandler
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