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To become a sought-after specialist in a favorite profession, it is often necessary to go through a thorny path that will allow you to maximize your skills. Saadat was going to earn the glory of a writer. To do this, the young man entered the appropriate faculty of the university. However, the entrant failed to turn into a classic of his time. After all, since childhood he was fond of one adverb, and in the walls of the school he had to learn Urdu, in which there are too many cumbersome rules. A purposeful student is not going to give up in the face of the difficulties. But from the moment of admission to the happy high school students, the young man does not give up his plans. Parents would like the guy to follow in their footsteps.

After all, the legal career allows you to receive large fees, and writers rarely boast wealth. Older brothers did not dare to argue with the fulfillment of the will of the older generation. They became lawyers who have brilliant prospects. A year of ordeal makes the dreamer quit training, transferring to a Muslim institution. Suspicion of tuberculosis interferes with attending lectures, and then leads the patient to one of the dispensaries where this serious illness is treated. A string of disappointments pushed the man to alcohol addiction. For nearly 50 years, he drank deeply in order to remove the moral burden that put pressure on him. Winning an unpleasant disease, a restless person faced another medical diagnosis. Now the lord will have to fight with cirrhosis of the liver, which has led to drunkenness. When the genius will take up the pen? Or will not be able to declare itself to the world?

Manto (2018)
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Manto online

Year: 2018
Country: India
Genres: Biography / Drama / New Movies
Time:1h 52min
Director:Nandita Das
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