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Jake Hannaford is an aging Hollywood director who was killed in a car crash on his 70th birthday. Just before his death, Hannaford was trying to revive his flagging career by making a flashy film, laden with gratuitous sex scenes and violence, with mixed results. At the time of Hannaford's party, this film (titled The Other Side of the Wind) has been left unfinished after its star stormed off the set, for reasons not immediately apparent to the audience.

A screening of some incomprehensible parts of Hannaford's unfinished experimental film take place, in order to attract "end money" from the film studio boss Max David. Hannaford himself is absent, and a loyal member of his entourage, the aging former child star Billy Boyle, makes an inept attempt to describe what the film is about. Intercut during this, we see various groups setting out for Hannaford's 70th birthday party at the Arizona ranch of erstwhile Hannaford ingenue Zarah Valeska. Driving while drinking, Hannaford is accompanied by protégé Brooks Otterlake, a young, commercially successful director with a talent for mimicking celebrities. One of the people they share their car with is the obnoxious reporter Charles Pister, who is thrown out of Hannaford's car after infuriating him. Stranded in the desert, Pister hitches a lift on a bus that is taking members of Hannaford's entourage and reporters to the party.

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The Other Side of the Wind (2018)
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Original title:

The Other Side of the Wind online

Year: 2018
Country: USA, France, Iran
Genres: Comedy / Drama / New Movies
Time:2h 2min
Director:Orson Welles
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