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Often, romantic relationships gradually begin to fade. A few years after the marriage, people no longer feel what they felt before. In this case, people need new sensations that can re-ignite former feelings, otherwise these relations may soon be resolved. This does not always happen, because people are different, and not all are ready for global change in order to somehow diversify their existence. However, this story is not at all about the main characters who are in the center of attention of this film. They have been together for four years, and for all this time they managed to try everything in the world.

This young couple likes to spend time together, but soon they began to realize that they do not have enough new feelings in their relationship. This causes a spontaneous unanimous decision, which can drastically change their habitual life. For a long time they did not dare to take such a responsible step, but now they simply do not have any other choice, the Veda needs somehow to save the situation. The main characters decided to feel what sex is the three of us. Of course, this is not exactly what you need to try every couple in this world, but this is exactly what will bring pleasure to the main characters. They still do not understand what the consequences are for them in the future, and what's the difference when such a desire arose?

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The Unicorn (2018)
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The Unicorn online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Comedy / New Movies
Time:1h 28min
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