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Soho - one of the richest and brightest areas of London. It is here, in search of success, money and endless entertainment constantly flocking youth. Handsome Jimmy also decided to try his luck here. His life has always been bleak. He grew up in a poor family. Parents could not give Jimmy all he wanted. That's why the adult Jimmy decides to earn his future well-off life on his own, with his hard work. Arriving in Soho, he meets with the same reckless guys, like himself. And they immediately offer their friend-handsome an interesting and lucrative work.

It's not a dusty thing, you need to meet rich clients, indulge them, talk with them about love and art. Jimmy likes this occupation, it does not even bother him that besides emotional services, he also has to provide intimate ones.

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Postcards from London (2018)
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Original title:

Postcards from London online

Year: 2018
Country: UK
Genres: ---
Time:1h 28min
Director:Steve McLean
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