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Demons have their code of honor and sometimes, they stand up for the protection of good and justice, although this happens very rarely. More common for them is the role of the cleaners that bring order to the world of magic, eliminating creatures that have become disagreeable and none of the servants of darkness, does not dare to oppose them.

The main role is played by the creation of the devil himself. It happened, as a result of experiments of devoted fanatics of the Third Reich. But despite his devilish roots, this creature was surprising, did not show any aggression and looked even friendly. He is given the first task in which he must go to the Kingdom of England. Since recently, the behavior of the wife of the great magician Merlin, has completely become unacceptable among mankind. The delightful witch Nimue, who is called the queen of lakes, passes all the permissible boundaries. She turned into the Blood Queen, who is afraid of the whole population.

The generation of darkness was given a task, not from the lungs. After all, the brutal witch in everything helps, her no less cruel friend Galeyda. What they are doing horrifies even those who have already seen much in this life. Helba is bound to put an end to the endless acts of two girlfriends. He can not remain indifferent to what he sees and hears.

Hellboy (2019)
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Original title:

Hellboy online

Year: 2019
Country: USA
Time:1h 30min
Director:Neil Marshall
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