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According to young Anna, there is nothing interesting in her life. A small provincial town is so disgusted with a girl that it seems the worst place on earth, like a swamp that sucks her into its quagmire, and the annoying courtship of a boring classmate causes a feeling of doom. Having fallen into the status of an eternal friend, the boyfriend is extremely uninteresting to Anna, who is not going to associate her future with people like him. The analogy between the town and the rural cemetery conducted by the girl is explained by the complete absence of any interesting events in the lives of the local residents and those who lie under the shadow of the cemetery trees.

Even the coming holidays can not improve the mood of the main character, although she agrees that these days should at least diversify her sad gray everyday life. Unexpectedly, on the very eve of the long-awaited holidays, a rather strange incident occurs in the city, as a result of which Anna's life changes radically. The sequence of bloody crimes is explained by the appearance of real zombies, marginal creatures that destroy all life on their way. Barbaric crimes of unexpected "guests" flooding the city and its environs fill the hearts of the inhabitants with overwhelming fear and despair.

Bumping into the bloody remains of people, this rotting flesh everywhere, stopping the ears from the death throes of schoolchildren who have fallen into the clutches of zombies, the townspeople are awed with horror approaching the day of judgment, which will certainly become the apogee of the apocalypse that happened. Sadly recalling the past days, Anna compares that time with today's nightmare, and understands how much she did not appreciate her own, seemingly uninteresting, quiet life. It would be time to turn back the clock so that all these zombies and the excesses that are going on everywhere are just the subject of another horror film that Anna saw on TV.

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Anna and the Apocalypse (2017)
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Original title:

Anna and the Apocalypse online

Year: 2017
Country: UK, USA
Time:1h 32min
Director:John McPhail
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