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The greatest weapon in the world is truth. But alas, not all people are ready for it. Those who are trying to get to the truth can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The main heroine of the film "Private War" - journalist Mary Kelvin, who all her life went to hot spots and covered the events. She saw what others do not see and while politicians of big countries sat in their offices, this woman struggled to make people's stories heard, because that was the only way to stop the war.

And even having got into trouble, having lost an eye and receiving a psychological trauma, Mary did not give up, and hiring a photographer came back again to prove that a civil war is going on, hundreds of people are dying and something needs to be done about this. She can not be apart, because this woman has more military training than many soldiers, she can not live without it. But even more she can not without truth. But not everyone likes that Kelvin promulgates what he would like to hide. But how else to end the war, if no one else does anything?

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A Private War (2018)
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A Private War online

Year: 2018
Country: UK, USA
Genres: Biography / Drama / War / New Movies
Time:1h 46min
Director:Matthew Heineman
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