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Rita Mamun is an artistic gymnast, who will soon retire. She knows that she will inevitably leave the world of sports, but she wants to do something very important: take the gold at the Olympic Games. After this, you can finish your career without regrets. In the film "Over the Limit" a sportive backstage appears, in which there is no place for ovations - there is only a heavy daily work exhausting physically and mentally. But this is the only way to truly hope for gold. In the career of Margarita this is the most important year - he is the last one.

Movements are sharpened constantly, they take away all the resources of the body. Will the cherished dream come true? While this is only the way to it - with friendly support and through rivalry, not forgetting about superstitions and accompanied by parting words. At some point, everyone stops believing in it - and suddenly Rita Mamun is transformed. She is like a beautiful swan - and she believes in herself and is ready to take responsibility for the team. Now she knows for sure: ahead is the summit of Olympus.

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Over the Limit (2017)
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Over the Limit online

Year: 2017
Time:1h 14min
Director:Marta Prus
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