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The Wimbledon Finals of 1980. One of the most famous and powerful tennis matches of all time. Swede Bjorn Borg and American John McEnroe are named ideal rivals. It is difficult to imagine more temperaments and modes of play for athletes - a gentleman and a rebel, a powerful hammer against an acute stiletto. Borg - the embodiment of the Scandinavian retreat and calm, the world's first rocket, intends to win the Wimbledon title for the fifth time. Rowdy and ribald McEnroe feeds endless tabloids for his extravagant licks, but he is believed to be the new tennis star and is eager to win his first Wimbledon victory. But are they really different? Perhaps Bjorn is not an iceberg, and in the depths of his soul, a volcano is scary, ready to explode, and behind John's vehemence is a cold calculation. In any case, they have only one victory.

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Borg vs McEnroe (2017)
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Original title:

Borg McEnroe online

Year: 2017
Country: Sweden, Denmark, Finland
Genres: Biography / Drama / Sport
Time:1h 47min
Director:Janus Metz
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