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The film's events take place in Tel Aviv. The emphasis is on spouses - Michael and Daphne Feldman. They are very rich and can buy everything they want. Everyone is beautiful. None of the family members can guess that their quiet and worry-free life will soon change. They will have to give up to the army of the only son of the Feldman spouses. A time passes and the guy is sent to one of the hottest spots in the country. Michael and Daphne are very worried that nothing natural will happen to their son, because this post is one of the most dangerous, where the tragedy happens very often.

The interest of the protagonists was not in vain. One day I get a letter that tells me that their only son was killed while performing his duties. Wives do not believe this information and hope it was a mistake, and another guy was killed. Without thinking twice, Michael and his wife collect the most necessary things and go for the truth. Getting started at the set time is not as easy as the husbands believed. To get to the post where their son served, you have to go through several control points that do not belong to the military institutions. Despite all the trials and troubles encountered in the way of the heroes, they are ready to learn much about their son. Will they be able to cope with the difficult task and achieve their goals?

Foxtrot (2017)
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Original title:

Foxtrot online

Year: 2017
Genres: Drama
Time:1h 48min
Director:Samuel Maoz
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