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Glory is serious. But what will happen if you look at popularity differently. After all, those who achieved colossal heights in show business and a friend went through a difficult path of becoming. How do they really live, does it suit them that every day you have to worship Starry? The author of the bestselling books has a serious dilemma. Ted Gold could never have thought that a woman would change his world, his views, in general, everything would turn upside down. As they say, it's never worth to renounce, anything can happen. On that she and life, to throw surprises, both pleasant, and not so. The main thing is to be able to find outlets from any even the most difficult situation!

An L.A. Minute (2018)
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Original title:An L.A. Minute
Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Comedy / New Movies
Time:1h 26min
Director:Daniel Adams
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