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The hearts of the lucky ones have merged, but not only in the interweaving of bodies is marriage, ahead of grinding, disassembly and gray routine. Will the union of the couple be inviolable, the picture "Paper Year" will show, what tests the lucky ones are waiting for. The fire of love burns, the children want to go the big road, and a narrow path, but will it be easy to walk, what stones fall in wait in the way. While young people breathe with one joy, but can they share their sorrows, will they repeat in future children. It is important for a couple to learn how to cherish happiness, so as not to stumble or blunder. Do not just keep the holy law of love, especially the first year, feelings are often broken about life.

How will the newlyweds act in quarrels, will they be able to give in to each other, will they not crush petty insults and misunderstandings? The main thing is to endure the pain and zeal, so that more joy joins the house of the heroes. As the first year passes, perhaps life will continue to flow in its own way, pleasing the couple with beautiful days. However, soon there was a lot of difficulties, whether the family can score on everything and not fall low. It is difficult to be strong, decisions are sometimes made hastily, do not be afraid to find out the relationship, but first you need to learn patience. Ambush will always be, but the sparkles from the eyes should not disappear, will the characters understand it? Soon everything will be clear.

Paper Year (2018)
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Original title:

Paper Year online

Year: 2018
Country: Canada
Genres: Drama / Romance / New Movies
Time:1h 29min
Director:Rebecca Addelman
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