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The plot of the adventure film "Indiana Jones and the Crown of Thorns" unfolds in 1957, almost twenty years after the events described in the third part of the film. The Cold War is in full swing in the yard. The detachment of the Soviet military under the command of the fanatical scientist Irina Spalko, manages to penetrate into the so-called "Zone 51", located in the state of Nevada, where all the most important and valuable finds made in the world are stored. They easily manage to deal with the guards and get into the vault. Together with him, Spalco brings the main character of the film - Professor Indiana Jones, along with his faithful companion Mako. Jones, under the threat of death, helps to find her some mummified remains. Realizing that now he is no longer needed, and most likely he will be killed, the mother professor escapes. From this moment in the life of Henry Jones Jr. again start incredible and exciting adventures.

Indiana Jones and the Crown of Thorns (2018)
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Original title:Indiana Jones and the Crown of Thorns
Year: 2018
Country: Spain
Genres: Adventure / New Movies
Director:Jonatan Jiménez
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