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Elliott literally finished the British college yesterday. He is destined to get acquainted with a strong brotherhood in a new family, with whom his mother is going to tie. The thing is that Elliot is actually a real shy botanist. During his studies he was never able to make friends. He spent all his free time behind a pile of books in the library. One day a message comes from my own mother, who moved to the States.
She invites her only son to a celebration in honor of her marriage. Now the young man will have four half-brothers at once. He is very reluctant to go to the other end of the world. Here he first tries drugs, gets drunk, like a pig and wakes up in the embrace of a transsexual.

Frat Pack (2018)
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Original title:Frat Pack
Year: 2018
Country: Canada, USA
Genres: Comedy
Time:1h 35min
Director:Michael Philip
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