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The reporter of the French newspaper once comes a mysterious letter from the Vatican. In a small town, an eighteen-year-old Anna claims to have seen the "Appearance" of the Virgin Mary. The message immediately spread in the neighborhoods, the phenomenon acquired such a public response that now thousands of pilgrims gather at the site of the alleged incident.

The church decides to collect a commission on supernatural things, and to check whether Anna really knows how to miraculously heal and communicate with the holy spirit. Such commissions, formed by canonical inquiries, do not necessarily consist of religious people. The bishop asks to gather testimonies and specific facts of doctors or historians who will decide whether the incident is fraud or not.

This time, Jacques, an ordinary man, who is neither a fanatic of the church, nor a cynical atheist, takes care of the incident. He agrees to become part of the investigative council to shed light on the event and to distinguish the truth from the forgery. An uncompromising documentary study of the alleged evidence of the existence of God can lead a man to unexpected results.

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The Apparition (2018)
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Original title:

L'apparition online

Year: 2018
Country: France
Genres: Drama
Time:2h 24min
Director:Xavier Giannoli
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