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The incredible story of the life of a seventeen-year-old boy stirred up all of Argentina. Carlitos had a truly angelic appearance, light curls could drive any beauty crazy, but behind a kind exterior appearance was a real devil. Parents in no way could calm a difficult teenager, constantly skipping school. The young man did not communicate with his peers, preferring them to more adult people, who were dragged into a dangerous criminal world. Once the company of friends invited the newcomer to take part in the robbery, and unexpectedly he agreed. Becoming a member of a local gang, the main acting character of the criminal drama cried out with his friends a lot of daring thefts, but the theft of his maturity did not end. Bloody murders began, gradually their number reached eleven. Continuing to create evil deeds, Puig once still paid for his sins. The press nicknamed the handsome "Angel of Death," and a high court sentenced him to the most terrible sentence, life imprisonment. Really, in fact, under the appearance of handsome man was the horror of a demon?

El Angel (2018)
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Original title:

El ángel online

Year: 2018
Country: Argentina, Spain
Time:1h 58min
Director:Luis Ortega
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