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Buenos Aires, our days. Bianca Aguilar is a rising star of the Argentine scene. Her main passion is the psychological theater. After successful work in the ancient Greek tragedy "Antigone" she gets an offer from Alma Behm - a famous director-innovator. Alma has long dreamed of presenting to the audience a play called Insomnia, written by the hospital patients for the mentally ill. Many years ago, the attempt to stage the play failed because of an accident with an actress who rehearsed the main role. Now Alma has found the inspiration for her set-off - Bianca. A young actress dreams of working with Alma. But she can not leave her father for a long time, ill with schizophrenia.

Everything changes when Father Bianchi, in a crisis, attacks her. The father is taken to the hospital. Bianca is free and can work with Alma the night away.

The troupe comes to an abandoned psychiatric hospital, where the play was written. Rehearsals begin. Following the strict instructions of the director, actors and directors refuse to sleep for immersion in the characters' characters. The experiment with insomnia leads to hallucinations and manic attacks in the actors. Now they are all in a borderline state. Rather vulnerable to overcome the threshold of sanity and to expose the gloomy secrets that inhabit the hospital. And now the dead madmen will drive the living crazy.

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You Shall Not Sleep (2018)
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Original title:

No dormirás online

Year: 2018
Country: Spain, Argentina, Uruguay
Time:1h 46min
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