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Two lesbians, Chela and Chikita, have lived together for more than thirty years. Both women are heirs of wealthy Paraguayan families, and therefore never felt the need for money. Although they are complete opposites, they have found a way to live in harmony and harmony. Sociable and energetic Chikita - took responsibility for managing the common life, while the closed and unsociable Chela - preferred to spend whole days behind the easel.

However, the time came when the money became scarce. To fix the financial situation, women began to sell their property and take loans. As a result, Chikita is in prison for debts, and Chela remains one on one in the face of a frightening reality. She for the first time, for many years, is forced to sit behind the wheel of her old car and start earning by truck. Fortunately, the rich elderly neighbors just needed a female driver. In her new role as a driver, she meets one of the daughters of these women - a young and life-affirming Anji. This meeting forces, unlearned Chelu, to discover a new world and new desires.

At the Berlin Film Festival in 2018, the film "The Heiresses" won the Alfred Bauer Prize, the Silver Bear for Best Actress (Ana Brun), the FIPRESCI Prize (the competition program) and the Teddy Prize for the readers of Mannschaft magazine.

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The Heiresses (2018)
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Original title:

Las herederas online

Year: 2018
Genres: Drama
Time:1h 38min
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