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We met at the hotel, where the whole film crew was. We were received by Álvaro himself, with a peaceful and quiet mood that makes you wonder if this won’t be the consequence of that terrible near-death experience that he lived two years ago. His eyes transmit the peace, as he himself says, found at one point that fatal day, submerged under the waves. A crucial moment when his mind decided to say good-bye to life, thankful, and who knows if this is what really saved him, «what a paradox!». The stillness of a moment that made his body get rid of the tension of his broken bones and soul and emerge from the water, breathing out not just air but also life.
Álvaro decided to go surfing to that area that one day, like any other day in the island. Being on «La Pared» his feet missed the ground, which disappeared like a trap towards the cliff. In a matter of seconds he was hanging on the rocks with the only strength of his arms holding him until he couldn’t stand it longer and he decided to let himself fall the moment the wave covered the volcanic soil of that part of the coast. Not even that mattress of water was deep enough and he broke his pelvis, his hip and his arm. The pain of his broken legs caused him seizures and fainting fits under the sea.

Alone (2018)
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Year: 2018
Country: Spain
Time:1h 31min
Director:Hugo Stuven
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