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The film "Nancy" once again proves that a person can not properly dispose of the achievements of technological progress. Internet - instant access to any information placed in free access. It is noteworthy that the World Wide Web was created for the benefit of people, but end users found it different, criminal use. The only disadvantage of the Internet is the possibility to remain anonymous, which created a favorable environment for the development of a new criminal industry: cyber crime. Attackers are able to easily access personal information of any person, devastating his personal accounts.

Nancy Freeman is an Internet swindler, but she acts with a high degree of artistry, literally getting used to the image of another person. The girl seems to reincarnate, which allows her to easily get the attention of the interlocutor, skilfully walk through the notes of pity and sympathy, and get her prize in the form of a small sum of money, which the compassionate users of the network will donate. The criminal business is booming, but once with Nancy there are three troubles at once: bifurcation begins to appear, problems appear on the personal front and the threat of exposure looms. Watch the movie "Nancy" to find out if the girl will manage to get out of the situation.

Nancy (2018)
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Original title:

Nancy online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Time:1h 27min
Director:Christina Choe
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