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Parents of high school student Kyle Moore broke up, along with his younger sister and mother, moved from California to Connecticut, and he does not like it at all. Kyle is barely adapting to the new school, it seems he has every chance of becoming a hermit. But the situation is changing dramatically when a crazy mobile phone vendor advises a guy to use a magical application. Kyle is initially skeptical about this business, but soon finds out that demand is really capable of fulfilling his wishes. Kaila manages to attract attention to the beauty she appreciates, successfully succeeding incredibly easily in all areas - studies, music, sports. Unexpectedly, the guy gets the most popular person in school, he has a lot of fans. But not everything is as pink as Kayla imagined in the wildest dreams. Apparently he wants to be extremely cautious, or serious problems will arise. And Kaila will have to deal with them on her own. So, what is without a miracle gadget?

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Status Update (2018)
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Original title:

Status Update online

Year: 2018
Country: China, USA, Canada
Genres: Comedy / Fantasy / New Movies
Time:1h 46min
Director:Scott Speer
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