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Being in search of work, a guy named Christian faces a rather tempting offer. The protagonist of the film "Between the rows" is going to get a loader to a wholesale warehouse, where a large abundance of various products, as well as household chemicals, is concentrated. Closed and taciturn guy hides from others information about his previous work. The peculiar and rather complex character of the young man became the reason for the lack of friends. Now Christian has a new job and new responsibilities. He needs to arrange a considerable amount of goods on the shelves during the working day. A colleague named Bruno offers his protagonist his help, telling him how in the wholesale hypermarket everything functions. Young people become good friends, thanks to which Christian feels support, and his difficult work becomes a little easier. After a while, the shy guy meets an incredibly attractive and charming Marion. He falls in love with a young beauty at first sight. However, soon the young man learns the shocking news that his beloved is married.

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In the Aisles (2018)
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Original title:

In den Gängen online

Year: 2018
Country: Germany
Genres: Drama / New Movies
Time:2h 5min
Director:Thomas Stuber
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