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A young, attractive girl, who is the main heroine of the film "Fiancé Killer", is studying at an elite university. It is clear that studying in a similar university is worth a lot of money. And soon the money sent to her by the parents ends just at the moment when the girl paid for her studies. She literally does not have enough money to feed herself. And so our heroine goes in search of a suitable job.

And soon the student is extremely lucky, namely the girl takes a nanny to work in the estate of wealthy and wealthy Americans who offer her a lot of money for cleaning the house and for caring for the children. The new work is very popular with the girl, besides her employers constantly award the student, thereby allowing the heroine not only to give up money from her parents, but also to live, as they say, in her own pleasure, not denying herself anything. However, the girl could not imagine that soon, as usual returning home from work, she had to go through a dangerous and terrible adventure at the same time ...

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Fiancé Killer (2018)
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Original title:

Fiancé Killer online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Crime / Horror / New Movies
Time:1h 27min
Director:Fred Olen Ray
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