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In the center of history, there is one group of old friends and like-minded people. All of them, have the same passion for the common cause, which is their work. Everyone, is strongly devoted to the world of sports racing. And their passion, apparently, meets reciprocity. Behind the back of the team, there are many achievements in the form of the first places, medals, cups and of course the recognition of the fans. And together with this it means a lot of money together with profitable contracts. Only then the further the time of their work goes, the more they understand that they start to stop in their development. Victories are given less and less, and much more difficult. As if all their passion for business begins to fade. The leader of this team, finally decides to act and rectify the situation. It is quite logical to find new members of the team, but he does not want to follow the standard path. In this environment, full of free riders, but judging by the idea of the hero, such a measure will be small. He decides to go on a pretty controversial decision. Once, the hero gets to know a young guy he met on street racing. He is also part-time auto-racer and, in general, his behavior clearly shows the negligence of the attitude towards the machines. But his name is hired to the team, believing that he can bring a new life to the old offspring.

Dirt (2018)
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Original title:

Dirt online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Action / Drama / Sport / New Movies
Time:1h 42min
Director:Alex Ranarivelo
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