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When viewing the Franco-Portuguese drama "Adolescence" 2016 in the center of the audience's attention are five Englishmen. They all grew up on the coast, and therefore their whole life is inextricably linked with the sea.

Before they became families, become fathers, the heroes spent a lot of time sailing. Battles with the elements helped them not only become reliable partners for each other, but also showed that a strong male friendship is not fiction, but the truth. The guys get together after they have not met each other for a long time and remember the best years of their lives.

Director of the Franco-Portuguese drama "Adolescence" 2016 Julien Samani. The main roles in the film were performed by Kevin Aziz, Samir Gesmi, Jean-Francois Stevenen, Bastien Ughetto, Lazar Minungu.

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Adolescence (2018)
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Original title:

Adolescence online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Drama / Romance / New Movies
Time:1h 39min
Director:Ashley Avis
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