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In many countries, all rescue services are called by one number. This is extremely convenient, since the situations can be completely different. In the United States, such a phone line appeared more than 50 years ago. The most interesting thing is that the call to number 911 was like a control, and then it became permanent.

Emergency telephone service is constantly developing and expanding its areas of activity. Now policemen, doctors, firefighters, rescuers and other specialists can respond to this number. They provide professional and quality assistance. The ability of these people directly depends on human life. Almost every day on duty it is necessary to struggle with this or that problem.

In the series "1/1" is told about the service of saving the huge metropolis of Los Angeles. Here work Atena and Michael Grant, Bobby Nesh, Abby Clark, Elan Buckley, Howie Hann, Henrietta Wilson. Naturally, they all have different specialties. Only on calls they often have to travel together. In everyday life these are the most ordinary people. They have family and household problems. Only at the moment when they go on duty, you have to forget about everything.

1/1 (2018)
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1/1 online

Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Drama / New Movies
Time:1h 25min
Director:Jeremy Phillips
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