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The film "Maradona" ("Maradona by Kusturica") was shot in 2008 jointly by Spain and France. The famous Emir Kusturica became the director of this masterpiece of documentary. In the film, we will talk about the life of such a great man as Diego Maradona is a famous football player who became world champion, an ardent fighter for justice, an idol who, despite his sharp drop, still remained an example for many people around the world. The film will give us a tour of the life of this great man. Starting from the start of his path to world fame, he will smoothly lead the viewer to the tragic end of his career. And it will be disclosed not only his sporting career, but also political, social life, family life, friendly relations. A fascinating action will unfold around this famous person. The view will be of interest not only to fans of football, but also to those who are not interested in sports at all. This is the only and brilliant picture of such a famous player and just a man, shot by one of the most devoted to him a fan.

Maradona (2018)
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Maradona online

Year: 2018
Country: India
Time:2h 28min
Director:Vishnu Narayn
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