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Corey is very lucky - she has not only Dusty's best friend, but also her aunt with her own house on the coast. To her, the heroines of the film "The Perverted Beach Party" go, hoping to pile on the beach and relax. At the same time, you will not have to spend any money, as housing will be free for them. True, my aunt was not a blunder and let her two guys with girlish names live - Strachey and Lauren. Well, should the lady somehow earn on the maintenance of her house?

True, my aunt did not know that she was deceived, and the guests were actually of a male ... Now the girls were under the same roof with lovers of dubious entertainments, who, moreover, are trying in every possible way to draw in them and their adorable neighbors.

As a result, girls are in the center of male attention, and instead of the sea they bathe in alcohol. So their adventures promise to be not only cheerful, but also frivolous enough to then remember this with dreamy sighs. The party is gaining momentum!

Horndogs Beach Party (2018)
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Original title:Horndogs Beach Party
Year: 2018
Country: USA
Genres: Comedy / New Movies
Time:1h 19min
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