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Building a right and reliable relationship between a man and a woman is a very difficult process that can last for more than one year. On the way, there can be an infinite number of obstacles and obstacles that will later show how strong these relationships are. Many dream to find true love and be happy in marriage, but, unfortunately, this is only possible for those whose feelings are able to withstand the full burden of the circumstances.

In the film Stories of Passion, four women, who are not familiar with each other, experience certain difficulties in their personal lives, trying to understand the true essence of human happiness. Each decision made has consequences, therefore it is very important to constantly monitor yourself to prevent irreparable mistakes. One of the women, working as a teacher, allows unacceptable feelings for one of her students. Between them flashes an unacceptable, but inevitable romance. The second heroine of melodrama, settling down as a servant in the house of a rich man, eventually becomes his mistress. The third woman spent a happy family life until she began to suspect her husband of treason. The fourth heroine betrays her husband with a married man under the influence of an irresistible passion.

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Lust Stories (2018)
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Lust Stories online

Year: 2018
Country: India
Genres: Drama / New Movies
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